Sen. Cantwell Statement on Gigi Sohn’s Decision to Withdraw Her Nomination to the FCC Commission

March 7, 2023

U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, made the following statement regarding Gigi Sohn’s decision to withdraw her nomination to serve as an FCC Commissioner:

“While I am disappointed, I respect Gigi Sohn’s  decision to withdraw her nomination as an FCC Commissioner. Throughout the past 16 months, Ms. Sohn has demonstrated her expertise in telecommunications law, deep experience and commitment to ensuring that every American has access to affordable broadband regardless of where they live. More importantly, I commend her for the integrity and fortitude she displayed in the face of a coordinated, hate-fueled campaign to malign and distort her character and record. I thank Ms. Sohn for her willingness to serve and her continued efforts to bridge the digital divide in America.”

Sen. Cantwell has long supported Sohn’s nomination and made clear she wanted President Biden to renominate her to break the deadlock at the commission.

During her recent nomination hearing, Sen. Cantwell again praised Sohn for her qualifications and commitment to delivering affordable broadband to Americans.   

“She will help deliver for the American people and she has a keen eye on something that all members of this Committee care passionately about and that is affordable, accessible broadband,” Sen. Cantwell said.

With a wide range of support from more than 400 organizations and individuals on both sides of the isle, Sen. Cantwell added: “Ms. Sohn has a history of putting the public interest first, regardless of whether that means supporting policies endorsed by Republicans or Democrats.”

Sen. Cantwell also made clear the intent of the smear campaign orchestrated by opponents, calling the personal attacks “distractions from the fact that Ms. Sohn is immensely qualified for this position and a highly effective, would be, FCC commissioner…this is a proxy fight for net neutrality.”