Commerce Committee Approves Critical Legislation Including Ocean Shipping Reform Bill

March 22, 2022

The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation approved 11 bills, including ocean shipping reform legislation.  All are subject to approval by the full Senate. 

“We also know here, in the Committee, that these ocean shipping companies are making record profits.,” said Sen. Cantwell in her opening statement regarding the importance of passing strong ocean shipping reform legislation. “They have made $150 billion dollars in profits in 2021, and ocean import volume for the first quarter of this year is forecast to increase by more than 30 percent. Our farmers don't want special treatment. They just don't want to be exploited for the sake of record profits.” 


Below is the full list of the legislation advanced out of committee:

  1. S. 1541, Martha Wright-Reed Just and Reasonable Communications Act of 2021
    1. Duckworth substitute
  2. S. 3014, Next Generation Telecommunications Act
    1. Wicker-Lujan substitute
    2. Lee_1,_3, and 5 (modified)
    3. Scott_2 (modified)
  3. S. 3262, FREIGHT Act
    1. Wicker_1 (modified)
    2. Scott_1 to Wicker_1 (modified)
  4. S. 3296, TSA Reaching Across Nationalities, Societies, and Languages to Advance Traveler Education Act
    1. Lujan_1
    2. Lee_1
  5. S. 3405, Low Power Protection Act
    1. Lee_1
  6. S. 3434, Strengthening Support for American Manufacturing Act
    1. Peters substitute
  7. S. 3580, Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022
    1. Cantwell substitute (modified)
    2. Blackburn_2 and _3 (modified)
    3. Cruz_4 (modified) and _5 (modified)
    4. Johnson_1 (modified)
    5. Lee_2,_10 (modified),_15,_21 (modified), and_22 (modified)
  8. S. 3662, Preventing PFAS Runoff at Airports Act
    1. Peters substitute
    2. Lee_1 (modified)
  9. S. 3664, Right Whale Coexistence Act of 2022
    1. Blumenthal substitute
    2. Markey_3
    3. Lee_2 (modified)
  10. S. 3785, FAA Leadership Veteran Status Act
  11. S. 3817, TORNADO Act
    1. Wicker substitute (modified)
  12. Coast Guard Promotions (PN 1827, 1828)