Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access information from hearings that have already been held?

Archived webcasts are available in either video or audio format for most hearings held in 2005 through the present. These can be accessed from the audio/video link on our homepage menu bar or on our hearings page. In addition, submitted testimony is available on our hearings page. When full hearing transcripts are available from the Government Printing Office, these, too, will be posted on the hearings page by clicking the relevant hearing. Return to Top

How many Subcommittees are there and who are the Subcommittee Chairmen?

The Commerce Committee is comprised of seven subcommittees. Information on all subcommittees can be accessed on our homepage menu bar. Return to Top

How can I access bills that have been referred to the Commerce Committee?

The best point of access for locating legislation pending before the Committee, is the Library of Congress’ website: When bills are approved by the Committee, copies of bills as approved are posted on the newsroom page, with the press release on that bill, as soon as available. Return to Top

What is the seating capacity of the Commerce Committee’s hearing room?

Under its normal configuration, the room can accommodate 150 seats. Return to Top

How do I obtain a witness list for a hearing?

Hearing witnesses are listed on our hearings page as soon as they are confirmed. Return to Top

Where can I find the hearings that are currently scheduled?

A list of all upcoming hearings, including date, time, and room location can be found on our home page under "Committee Hearings." Previous hearings can be found on the hearing page on our homepage menu bar.  Return to Top

Who are the Committee Chairman and Ranking Member?

Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) is the Commerce Committee Chair. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is the Ranking Member.  Return to Top