Cantwell Celebrates Grand Opening of Nation’s First Quantum Computing Manufacturing Facility in Bothell, WA

February 16, 2024

New WA facility built by IonQ is the first known dedicated quantum computing manufacturing facility in the country 

Quantum computing can help us fight disease, develop better energy sources and solve complicated problems


On Thursday, U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Chair of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, spoke at a press conference celebrating the expansion of IonQ’s quantum computing manufacturing facility in Bothell, Washington.

"The quantum computing industry has the potential to add thousands of new jobs here in the Pacific Northwest – jobs at all skill levels, from technicians to software developers," said Sen. Cantwell. "Our region is already known worldwide for our innovation and leadership. And this facility will continue to build on that. … We are becoming the 'Quantum Valley,' if you will, of the United States."

IonQ is a leader in quantum computing that promises to deliver high-performance computers capable of solving some of the world’s largest and most complex commercial and research use cases. The new 105,000-square-foot Bothell facility marks the first known dedicated quantum computing manufacturing facility in the U.S. and will house IonQ’s growing R&D and manufacturing teams.

Quantum computing is a still-developing technology that – if successful – can channel the laws of quantum mechanics to process an enormous amount of information and solve problems too complex for traditional binary code computers. Quantum computing has the potential to help tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, from fighting diseases to developing better sustainable energy sources.

With about 350,000 tech jobs in 2023, the State of Washington has the highest state concentration of tech workers in the country, and the state employs the largest number of people in emerging technology jobs, such as in artificial intelligence and quantum. Earlier this week, GeekWire reported on a new study that found Seattle is the top city in the country for hiring elite software engineers and one of the top cities in the world for this level of talent.

As the lead negotiator behind the 2022 CHIPS & Science Act and Chair of the Commerce Committee, Sen. Cantwell has been working hard to help industry and academia translate ideas developed in a lab into products and solutions for the American people. She helped authorize $20 billion for a new Tech Directorate program at the National Science Foundation to focus on translational science in 10 key developing areas, including quantum technology.

Video of Sen. Cantwell’s remarks is available HERE; audio is HERE; a transcript is HERE; and photos are HERE.