Phil Washington Earns Seal of Approval from America’s Aviation Workers

March 22, 2023

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters this morning endorsed Phil Washington, President Biden’s nominee to serve as the next FAA Administrator, and called on the Commerce Committee to advance his nomination.  The Teamsters represent members in the airline industry, including mechanics, customer service agents, reservationists, simulator technicians, ramp agents, stock clerks, dispatch personnel, flight attendants and pilots. Mr. Washington has received the full support of labor unions across the entire aviation industry.

“For the tens of thousands of Teamster members directly employed in the aviation industry, and the thousands more whose occupations and industries depend on a safe and reliable aviation system, strong leadership at the FAA is a necessity,” wrote Teamsters General President Sean O’Brien.  “We believe Mr. Washington is a well-qualified and highly capable candidate, and that the FAA and the aviation industry would be well-served by his service.”