Sen. Cruz: “I Strongly Urge My Colleagues To Support Mr. Inman’s Nomination to This Important Safety Position”

December 7, 2023

 WASHINGTON, D.C. – In his opening statement at today’s executive session to vote on the nomination of  J. Todd Inman to be a Member of the National Transportation Safety Board and to consider Coast Guard promotions, Ranking Member Ted Cruz (R-Texas) voiced his strong support for Mr. Inman’s nomination citing his leadership experience and qualifications for this critical safety role.

Here are Sen. Cruz’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

“Today the Committee will vote on the nomination of Todd Inman to the National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB, and three tranches of Coast Guard promotions. 

“The NTSB serves the important function of thoroughly investigating transportation accidents to identify their causes and to make recommendations to prevent future incidents.  As he demonstrated at his hearing last month, Todd Inman is highly qualified for this position.  He is an experienced leader, practiced investigator, and understands transportation safety: 

“Mr. Inman spent four years in senior level positions at the U.S. Department of Transportation, including as Chief of Staff. Previously, he developed an expertise in arson and transportation investigations as an insurance investigator. And Mr. Inman knows how to lead a major organization, having recently served as Florida’s Secretary of Management Services, where he administered a $1 billion budget and led a 1,000-person workforce. 

“I strongly urge my colleagues to support Mr. Inman’s nomination to this important safety position.  

“We will also consider 229 Coast Guardsmen for promotions, ranging from Commander to Admiral.  Coast Guardsmen serve as the first line of defense along our nation’s maritime borders, perform life-saving rescue operations, and serve critical law enforcement functions from protecting our ports to seizing thousands of pounds of deadly drugs destined for U.S. cities.  The men and women selected for these promotions have served this country honorably and are deserving of these promotions.  I thank them for their service to our nation.”