Securing U.S. Leadership in Emerging Compute Technologies

U.S. Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), Chair of the Committee, and John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.), Chair of the Space and Science Subcommittee, will jointly convene a full committee hearing titled: “Securing U.S. Leadership in Emerging Compute Technologies” on Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 10 a.m. EDT. The hearing will highlight the continued importance of three key technology areas in the recently passed CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, namely artificial intelligence (AI), quantum information science (QIS), and distributed ledger technologies (DLT). Applications in these fields are already or have the potential to transform not only computation but also the agriculture, healthcare, industrial, transportation, and national defense sectors, with further social, ethical, and legal implications. This hearing will therefore examine the current state of these technologies as well as the priorities for sustained investment in these fields, which include: (1) meeting the challenge of international competition; (2) leveraging opportunities for collaboration between the government, academic, and business sectors; and (3) building a diverse and inclusive workforce to meet growing demand.


  • Dr. Nancy Allbritton, Frank and Julie Jungers Dean College of Engineering Dean, University of Washington
  • Mr. Jack Clark, co-Founder, Anthropic
  • Mr. William B. (Trey) Breckenridge III, Director of High Performance Computing, High Performance Computing Collaboratory (HPC2), Mississippi State University
  • Mr. Steve Lupien, Director of Center for Blockchain and Digital Initiatives, University of Wyoming, College of Business
  • Dr. Bob Sutor, Vice President, Corporate Development, ColdQuanta.
  • Dr. Henry Jones, Director of the Research Development and Scientific Entrepreneurship, The University of Southern Mississippi


Hearing Details:

Full Committee Hearing
Thursday, September 29, 2022
10 a.m. EDT
Committee Hearing Room, Russell 253


Due to current limited access to the Capitol complex, the general public is encouraged to view this hearing via the live stream.

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