Committee Approves Six Bills and Three Nominations

August 4, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation today approved six bills and three nominations, which are now all subject to approval by the full Senate.

The Minority Business Development Act of 2021, which Chair Cantwell recently touted at an event in Washington state, was one of the bills that advanced out of committee today.

“First, I want to discuss the Minority Business Development Act of 2021,” Chair Cantwell said. “That was introduced by Senators Cardin, Scott, Wicker, Baldwin, and Cornyn. This bill would make the Minority Business Development Agency permanent in statute and would create a presidential-appointed, Senate-confirmed Undersecretary of Commerce for Minority Business Development. This bill would authorize the Minority Business Development Agency's current Business Center Program, create new rural Minority Business Centers… and most importantly, it would authorize $110 million per year for five years to the Minority Business Development Agency organization to carry out this mission. I want to thank Senator Wicker for his work on this.”

Below is the full list of the legislation and nominees advanced out of committee today:

  1. S. 451, Composites Standards Act of 2021


  1. S. 2299, CADETS Act;


  1. S. 1790, Secure Equipment Act of 2021
    1. Markey substitute


  1. S. 1880, Protecting Indian Tribes from Scams Act
    1. Lujan substitute


  1. S. 2068, Minority Business Development Act of 2021
    1. Wicker substitute
    2. Lujan_1 (modified)
    3. Scott_2 (modified)
    4. Scott_3 (modified)
    5. Lee_5 (modified)
    6. Lee_8 (modified)


  1. S.2424, Restoring Brand USA Act
    1. Scott_1 (modified)
    2. Scott_2
    3. Lee_1
    4. Lee_2 (modified)


  1. Nomination of Hon. Jennifer L. Homendy, of Virginia, to be Chair of the National Transportation Safety Board (PN573)


  1. Nomination of Ms. Karen J. Hedlund, of Colorado, to be a Member of the Surface Transportation Board (PN535)


  1. Nomination of Ms. Carol A. Petsonk, of the District of Columbia, to be Assistant Secretary of Transportation (PN438)