Commerce Committee Approves Biden Transportation Nominations

October 20, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation today approved five Biden Administration nominations and 70 Coast Guard officer promotions during today’s Executive Session.  All are subject to approval by the full Senate.


The Committee approved the following nominations:


  • Amit Bose to be Administrator of the Federal Railroad Administration (PN435)
  • Meera Joshi to be Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (PN362)
  • Victoria Wassmer to be Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Transportation (PN264)
  • Mohsin Syed to be Assistant Secretary for Government Affairs at the Department of Transportation (PN263)
  • Rear Admiral Nancy Hann to be Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Commissioned Officer Corps, and Director of the Office of Marine and Aviation Operations (PN896)


The Committee approved the following Coast Guard officer promotions:


  • Rear Admiral James Kelly to be Director of the Coast Guard Reserve (PN1073)
  • Coast Guard Officers to earn the rank of Captain (PN1144): 
  1. Aleksak, Jason C.
  2. Aries, Melissa J.
  3. Behera, Jessica B.
  4. Behnke, Andrew J.
  5. Bender, Andrew R.
  6. Berry II, Robert J.
  7. Bertsch IV, Fred S.
  8. Breguet, Brian P.
  9. Brick, Chad R.
  10. Butwid, Jerry D.
  11. Casey, Paul R.
  12. Casper, Eric M.
  13. Chien, Michael P.C.
  14. Chong, Randall T.
  15. Dietrich, Joyce M.
  16. Dooris, Matthew D.
  17. Douglas, Christopher
  18. Ford, Zachary R.
  19. Garrity, Elisa M.
  20. Glass, Zachary N.
  21. Gomez, Robert H.
  22. Hall, Jeremy M.
  23. Helgen, Eric A.
  24. Hernaez, Dorothy J.
  25. Ingram, Jason D.
  26. Johnson, Eric D.
  27. Keene, Christopher M.
  28. Kirksey, Aja L.
  29. Lay, Mark L.
  30. Lewis, Rachel L.
  31. Lugo, Scott E.
  32. Matson, Ryan P.
  33. Matthies, Eric J.
  34. McCarter, Harold L.
  35. McNally, Brad M.
  36. McTamney IV, John M.P.
  37. Moon, Youngmee
  38. Neeland, Mark R.
  39. Noggle, Justin W.
  40. Obrien, Loan T.
  41. Oconnell, Anne E.
  42. O'Mara IV, James M.
  43. Omenhiser Jr., Roger E.
  44. Ortenzio, Aaron J.
  45. Parker, Joseph B.
  46. Payne, Jeffrey L.
  47. Pershing, James H.
  48. Pirone, Robert M.
  49. Pototschnik, Mark B.
  50. Rice, Lisa M.
  51. Rodriguez, Nicole D.
  52. Saunders, Kevin B.
  53. Schallip, Michele L.
  54. Sharp, Michael D.
  55. Smith, Jason S.
  56. Snaith, Joan
  57. Styron, Jessica R.
  58. Suffern, James B.
  59. Terkanian Jr., Donald M.
  60. Tharp, Emily L.
  61. Thorkilson, Kelly A.
  62. Townsend, Devin L.
  63. Trusz, Jared S.
  64. Tucker, Robert C.
  65. Vaughan, Nicolette A.
  66. Walker, William R.
  67. Winburn, William B.
  68. Wirth, Tracy L.
  69. Wright, Christopher L.