Rockefeller Says Children's Online Safety Should Be Top Priority

May 26, 2011

Feature Image 5WASHINGTON, D.C.—Chairman John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV today released the following statement about Facebook:

“I was deeply troubled to read news reports suggesting Mark Zuckerberg may seek to open up Facebook to young children. His remarks raised questions about whether the company is serious about taking action not only to prevent children from signing up but also to ensure Facebook is not profiting from the personal information of children who do. After conversations with Facebook today, I am glad to learn that they will clarify their position in support of current online child protection laws. Child online protection laws do not stop children from accessing the Internet for educational or even social purposes—what the laws do is prohibit companies like Facebook from collecting and making money off of children's information without their parents' consent. Separately, I continue to worry about a Consumer Reports survey which shows that 7.5 million elementary-aged children are on Facebook and vulnerable to use of their personal information. I urge Facebook to step up their protection of children.”