Impact and Policy Implications of Spyware on Consumers and Businesses

June 11, 2008

253 SR
The hearing will examine the impact of spyware on computer performance and privacy and security risks associated with this software. The Committee will review current action by the Federal Trade Commission to combat spyware and its effects on consumers. In addition, the hearing will consider S. 1625, the Counter Spy Act, which was introduced on June 14, 2007, by Senator Pryor and was cosponsored by Senator Bill Nelson and Senator Barbara Boxer. Senator Pryor will preside.


Witness Panel 2

  • Dr. Benjamin G. Edelman

    Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    Harvard Business School
  • Mr. Jerry Cerasale

    Senior Vice President, Government Affairs
    Direct Marketing Association
  • Mr. Marc Rotenberg

    President and Executive Director
    Electronic Privacy Information Center
  • Mr. Vincent Weafer

    Vice President, Security Response, Symantec Corporation
    Testify on behalf of Symantec and the Business Software Alliance
  • Mr. Arthur Butler

    Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions