Improving Consumer Protections in Subprime Lending

April 29, 2008

253 SR
The hearing will consider the history and current status of subprime mortgage lending and non-traditional mortgage loans executed by non-bank financial companies. The hearing will also consider the Federal Trade Commission’s authority and use of its authority to protect consumers from unfair or deceptive lending practices by non-bank entities. The hearing will also examine ways to improve consumer protections in subprime and non-traditional home lending. Senator Dorgan will preside.


Witness Panel 1

  • Ms. Lydia Parnes

    Director, Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Federal Trade Commission
    Parnes Testimony (85.27 KB)

Witness Panel 2

  • The Honorable Richard Blumenthal

    Attorney General
    State of Connecticut
  • Ms. Kathleen Keest

    Senior Policy Counsel
    Center for Responsible Lending
    Keest Testimony (157.21 KB)
  • Mr. Ira Rheingold

    Executive Director
    National Association of Consumer Advocates
  • Mr. Bill Himpler

    Executive Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
    American Financial Services Association