Executive Session

April 24, 2008


253 SR

The Committee will consider the following agenda items:

1. S. 2688, the Commercial Seafood Consumer Protection Act

2. S.J. Res 28, A joint resolution disapproving the rule submitted by the Federal Communications Commission with respect to broadcast media ownership

3. S. 2607, A bill to make a technical correction to section 3009 of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005

4. S. 2507, DTV Border Fix Act of 2007

5. H.R. 3985, Over-the-Road Bus Transportation Accessibility Act of 2007

6. H.R. 802, Maritime Pollution Prevention Act (MARPOL Annex VI)

 7. S. 2657, To require the Secretary of Commerce to prescribe regulations to reduce the incidence of vessels colliding with North Atlantic right whales by limiting the speed of vessels, and for other purposes

 8. S. 2482, To repeal the provision of title 46, United States Code, requiring a license for employment in the business of salvaging on the coast of Florida

 9. Nominations for Promotion in the United States Coast Guard (PN 1561 and PN 1562)