Executive Session

September 27, 2007


253 SR

During the Executive Session, Committee members will markup the following agenda items:

1. S. 1578, Ballast Water Management Act of 2007

2. S. 1889, Railroad Safety Enhancement Act of 2007

3. S. 1453, Internet Tax Freedom Act (ITFA) Extension Act of 2007

4. S. 1965, Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act

5. S.J.RES. 17, a joint resolution directing the United States to initiate international discussions and take necessary steps with other Nations to negotiate an agreement for managing migratory and transboundary fish stocks in the Arctic Ocean

6. S.CON.RES. 39, a concurrent resolution supporting the goals and ideals of a world day of remembrance for road crash victims

7. Nominations for Promotion in the United States Coast Guard (PN 878, PN 946, PN 947, and PN 948)

 The webcast will be audio only.