Congestion and Delays: The Impact on Travelers and Possible Solutions

September 27, 2007


253 SR
The hearing will focus on modernization and efforts to address the needs of the air traffic system and to improve the movement of aircraft and passengers. Subcommittee members will be provided the opportunity to review problems encountered by travelers during the summer 2007 travel season and to consider steps that can be taken to improve the air traffic system.


Minority Statement

  • Ted Stevens


Witness Panel 1

  • The Honorable Calvin L. Scovel III

    Inspector General
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    Scovel Testimony (402.55 KB)
  • Mr. Robert Sturgell

    Acting Administrator
    Federal Aviation Administration
  • Mr. D.J. Gribbin

    General Counsel
    Department of Transportation
  • Captain Joe Kolshak

    Executive Vice President – Operations
    Delta Air Lines
    Kolshak Testimony (209.07 KB)
  • Mr. Robert W. Reding

    Executive Vice President – Maintenance and Operations
    American Airlines
  • Mr. Zane Rowe

    Senior Vice President – Network Strategy
    Continental Airlines
    Zane Testimony (421.67 KB)