U.S. Trade Relations with China

July 25, 2007

253 SR
The Subcommittee will explore the U.S.-China trading relationship, with analysis of the current status of trade between the two nations. The Subcommittee will also discuss the impact of U.S.-China trade on U.S. manufacturers, consumers, and workers.


Opening Remarks

  • The Honorable Bernie Sanders

    United States Senator
  • The Honorable Sherrod Brown

    United States Senator, Ohio

Witness Panel 1

  • The Honorable David Spooner

    Assistant Secretary of Commerce for the International Trade Administration
    U.S. Department of Commerce

Witness Panel 2

  • Mr. James Hoffa

    General President
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters
  • Mr. Brian O’Shaughnessy

    Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, and President
    Revere Copper Products, Inc.
  • Mr. Scott Paul

    Executive Director
    Alliance for American Manufacturing
  • Mr. Robert S. Nichols

    President and Chief Operating Officer
    Financial Services Forum