Impact of Media Violence on Children

June 26, 2007

253 SR
The Impact of Media Violence on Children hearing will focus on issues related to the impact of violent television programming on children, including issues raised by the recently released Federal Communications Commission (FCC) report, Violent Television Programming And Its Impact On Children.


Majority Statement

  • Daniel K. Inouye

  • John D. Rockefeller, IV

  • Mark Pryor


Minority Statement

  • Ted Stevens


Witness Panel 1

  • Mr. Tim Winter

    Parents Television Council
  • Mr. Peter Liguori

    President of Entertainment
    Fox Broadcasting Company
  • Dr. Dale Kunkel

    Professor, Department of Communication
    University of Arizona
  • Mr. Jeff J. McIntyre

    Senior Legislative and Federal Affairs Officer, Public Policy Office
    American Psychological Association
  • Mr. Laurence H. Tribe

    Carl M. Loeb University Professor
    Harvard Law School