Clean Coal Technology

April 26, 2007

253 SR
The Subcommittee will consider different clean coal technologies available today, including carbon capture and sequestration, and in the near-term, that can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants.


Minority Statement

  • Ted Stevens


Witness Panel 1

  • Mr. Joseph Chaisson

    Director of Research and Technology
    Clean Air Task Force
  • Mr. Roberto R. Denis

    Senior Vice President
    Sierra Pacific Resources
  • Mr. Michael W. Rencheck

    Senior Vice President for Engineering, Projects, and Field Services
    American Electric Power
  • Dr. Gregory J. McRae

    Hoyt C. Hottel Professor of Chemical Engineering
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    McRae Testimony (45.70 KB)
  • Mr. John M. Wilson

    Chief Operating Office for the Environmental Systems and Services Group
    Siemens Corporation