Full Committee Mark-up

April 14, 2005

253 SR
Senate Commerce Committee Co-Chairmen Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) have scheduled a Full Committee Mark-up for Thursday, April 14 at 10:00 a.m. in room 253 of the Russell Building. Click here for audio of this mark-up. Following was the tentative agenda (not necessarily in order of consideration):

S. 364, Ocean & Coastal Mapping Integration Act
S. 714, The Junk Fax Prevention Act of 2005
S. 432, The Minority Serving Institution Digital & Wireless Technology Opportunity Act of 2005
S. ___, Surface Transportation Safety Improvement Act of 2005

PN 390 NOAA Corps officers (Lieutenant and below)
PN305 Coast Guard officers (Commander and below)
PN304 Coast Guard officers (Lieutenant Commander and below)

The above items were all adopted by unanimous consent with few amendments -- to S. 364 and S. 714 only. For further details, please visit the news room page of this website.

The Senate passed S. 714 by unanimous consent with a Smith-Boxer amendment on June 24, 2005. Please see the press release dated June 24 in news room section of this website for further details. S. 714 was subsequently signed into law on July 9, 2005 an became Public Law 109-21.