Consumer Privacy and Government Technology Mandates in the Digital Media Marketplace

September 17, 2003

Members will examine the consumer privacy implications of the use of subpoena powers by copyright holders to obtain the identities of Internet subscribers allegedly infringing on their copyrights. Members also will examine whether the government can mandate content protection technologies without limiting consumers' legal uses of digital media products. Senator Brownback will preside. Tentative witness list will be available at a later time.


  • The Honorable Norm Coleman

  • The Honorable Sam Brownback

Witness Panel 1

  • Mr. James D. Ellis

  • Mr. John Rose

  • Mr. Alan Davidson

  • Mr. Cary Sherman

  • Mr. William Barr

Witness Panel 2

  • Mr. Christopher Murray

  • Mr Jack Valenti

    Former Chairman and CEO
    Motion Picture Association of America
  • Dr. Edward Felten

  • Mr. Lawrence J. Blanford