Universal Service

April 2, 2003

Communications Subcommittee hearing scheduled for Wednesday, April 2, at 9:30 a.m. in room 253 of the Russell Senate Office Building. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT), Chairman of the Subcommittee, will preside. Members will examine the current state of the Universal Service Fund and consider policies that may ensure its future viability.

Witness Panel 1

  • Honorable Kathleen Q. Abernathy

Witness Panel 2

  • Mr. Joel E. Lubin

    Vice President-Regulatory Planning and Policy
  • Mr. Robert W. Orent

  • Mr. Carson Hughes

  • Mr. Matthew Dosch

  • Dr. William R. Gillis

Witness Panel 3

  • Mr. Thomas Meade

  • Mr. Jack H. Rhyner

  • Ms. Dana L. Tindall