Chairman Stevens Co-Sponsors Resolution Declaring June National Internet Safety Month

May 23, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) last night joined 13 other Members of the Senate in co-sponsoring Senate Resolution 486, which designates June as "National Internet Safety Month." The primary goal of the resolution is to raise awareness about responsible Internet use among all citizens, particularly children. The measure passed the Senate by unanimous consent.

The resolution also commends national and community groups for promoting awareness of the dangers of the Internet and for providing information and training that fosters decision-making skills that are key to using the Internet safely.

"The Internet is no longer a luxury for families in America. It is a necessity," said Chairman Stevens. "Children of all ages must use the Internet as part of their basic education. To continue to provide these children with a safe environment on the Internet we must increase our efforts to promote responsible use of the Internet."

In May 2005, Chairman Stevens received the Wired Kids’ first annual Internet Super Hero Award for his commitment to educating and protecting children on the World Wide Web.