Chairman Rockefeller's Remarks on Today's Nominations Hearing

January 26, 2010

JDR Head ShotWASHINGTON, D.C.—I want to thank and congratulate our nominees. I appreciate your commitment to public service and look forward to seeing you all confirmed shortly, so you can get to work.

Mr. Michael P. Huerta is the President’s nominee to be Deputy Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at the Department of Transportation.

Until April 2009, Mr. Huerta was president of the Transportation Solutions Group of Affiliated Computer Service (ACS), which supports transportation services, including electronic toll collection, management of cities’ parking systems, and photo traffic enforcement.

His experience there may give him a useful perspective as the FAA moves forward on the NextGen initiative, and I look forward to hearing his views on this critical project.

Prior to his work with ACS, Mr. Huerta was a managing director with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games of 2002.

From 1993 to 1998, Mr. Huerta served in senior positions at the Department of Transportation, and I hope he will bring all of his experience and expertise with him to his new position at the FAA, which will demand strong leadership and strategic vision.

Several of us also know David Matsuda, the President’s nominee to be Administrator of the Maritime Administration.

Mr. Matsuda has served as a fellow on this committee and then as a transportation counsel for Senator Lautenberg.

I am concerned about the state of affairs at the United States Merchant Marine Academy, and I am looking forward to Mr. Matsuda’s leadership in providing these students with the high quality of education they deserve. 

Thank you all again to our nominees for your testimony and your continued service. I look forward to your speedy confirmation.